Free Home Valuation

Our Home Valuation service is a Free Consultation we provide to all our clients. We don’t just throw out a number. We take the time to give you a detailed explanation of our opinion of value, while also sharing the comparable sales and how we arrived at our conclusions. Pricing is critical to ensuring a quick and stress-free sale. Our Team will provide you with the most comprehensive home valuation so you can have the confidence knowing your home is priced right.

We take our jobs very seriously, which is why we take the time to go over your property thoroughly. First, we go through every nook and cranny to ensure we take every positive and negative into account. Not only are there features to take into account, but also presentation. That’s why our team employs a full time Master Certified Home Stager that focuses on how best to present the home. We’re happy to provide you with recommendations on how to improve the appearance of your home to maximize its value.

Once we have seen your house, we’ll run through a few scenarios to help you determine how you should address any condition issues. We have trusted Contractors and tradesmen that do quality work at affordable prices, should you decide to make any repairs before you sell. And, if you’re not interested in putting the time and money into the repairs, we could even make you an offer to Buy Your House, as-is.

Call us for an appointment and you will be happy you did.

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