Foreclosure Avoidance Program

We have a proven track record of helping struggling home owners avoid foreclosure

Don’t Let The Bank Win!

We’ve helped hundreds of struggling homeowners during times of hardship. Unemployment, Divorce, Health Issues, etc… There are many reasons why a homeowner falls behind on their payments and sometimes it seems impossible to keep their head above water. WE CAN HELP! While foreclosures can damage your credit for up to 7 years, there are alternatives.

We can help you get qualified for a short sale, where your lender allows you to sell for less than what you owe rather than go thru the expensive process of foreclosing. We’ve seen homeowners go through a short sale and be qualified to buy a new home just a couple years later. Don’t let the nasty debt collectors mislead you.

Our Team includes a Short Sale Negotiator and there are many reasons why we have such a trustworthy reputation. At no cost to the homeowner, we market the property, secure a buyer, negotiate the sale with the bank, and often get relocation money for the seller.


Looking For a Way to Avoid Foreclosure?

There are solutions out there, and we know how to help! We are problem solvers. Call us for a confidential meeting to discuss your situation. It will be a relief!!

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